How I Upgraded My Carry On

I recently started a new software engineering at a company in Denver, but I still live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working remote has been fantastic, but a side effect of working remote is needing to travel often. This has resulted in me taking trips to Denver once a month or so. 

These trips are very short (usually about 3 days), so I prefer to pack only 1 bag (my backpack). The thing is, my backpack is very average sized, so even for a 3 day trip it ends up being packed to the brim without being able to fit everything. Thankfully Pacmo has come to the rescue! After attaching my Pacmo backpack expander I can fit everything I need for a 3 day trip into my backpack with ease. I now relentlessly strap my Pacmo to my carry on and it makes trips MUCH easier. 

As an added bonus, I can put all of my dirty laundry in the Pacmo on the way back, and it's separated from everything else. This makes it super easy to toss the trips dirty cloths into the washer when I get home and keep the clean ones from absorbing the stink. 

It's so much easier to pack a backpack + Pacmo for short business trips. jus. Another great use case for the Pacmo Backpack expander!