Pacmo Backpack Extender

Pacmo Backpack Extender

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The Pacmo Backpack Extender in black. Perfect for anything from business travel to outdoor adventures. 

Ever run out of space while packing your backpack, but need to carry that one extra thing? That's why we invented Pacmo! Pacmo is a one size fits all backpack extender. What is a backpack extender you say? It's an additional backpack compartment that you can attach & remove at will.

What's special about our backpack extender is that it fits on ALL standard backpacks. You can use a Pacmo as your dedicated gym bag, carry on travel compartment, or go-to "need to bring more stuff" bag! We've seen people use it for carrying their drone equipment, camera gear, chargers, cloths, makeup, shoes, and much much more.

Includes the "Pacmo Backpack Extender" and "Mounting Harness" (does not include the backpack, shoes, socks, or folded shirt from the photos). 

Returns are accepted for any reason within 30 days of receiving your order.

All Pacmos have a 3 year warranty. 



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